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Amazing Pollinators Now Open to the Public

Play the role of nature’s most powerful pollinators at our newest Changing Exhibit, Amazing Pollinators! This captivating role-play adventure immerses guests into the world of pollinator and plant relationships.

Journey through the maze to navigate the many challenges pollinators face each day. Guests can explore 48 survival missions for birds, butterflies, moths, flies and more to learn how they support our ecosystems and their importance to our food supply. The exhibit also includes a game parlor where visitors can play classic games with a twist, such as mason bee mancala, invasive species shuffleboard, and mutualism dominoes! Visitors wandering through the maze can also learn ways to help pollinators at home and within the community.

This exhibit is free with Aquarium admission. Amazing Pollinators is created by Minotaur Mazes, a world-wide leader in educational & interactive mazes exhibits. This exhibit is bilingual for English and Spanish speakers!