Enter a world where giant insects, 40 to 120 times larger than life size, tower over the people coming to admire them. Well, this summer, you will have the chance to see them for yourself!

The Virginia Aquarium’s newest changing exhibit is the World of Giant Insects, a collection of oversized robotic insects that will be sure to amaze you. These colossal carnivores and herbivores will crawl, fly, camouflage, and metamorphose throughout the changing exhibit gallery at the Aquarium. You can see them socially interact and watch as they survive the daily life of an insect.

You’ll be introduced to two fighting Atlas beetles, with horns interlocked, battling over mates. You can see a gigantic jungle nymph stick insect, or you might almost fall victim to a praying mantis. A 15 foot caterpillar inches its way along a leaf before it becomes the beautiful swallowtail butterfly, and the monstrous desert locust prepares a vegetarian feast of plants.

Want to take control? Operate the robotic heads of three insects! You can move the giant mosquito, the massive honeybee, and the oversized dragonfly heads while learning about these interesting insects! Or, test your entomological expertise with the Bug Bytes quizzes.

Find all of this and more in the Aquarium’s changing exhibits gallery through September 4, 2017, at World of Giant Insects!