December 3, 2019  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Virginia Aquarium

Cost: Free with Admission

Contact: Virginia Aquarium

Phone: 757-385-FISH (3474)

​Strap on a creature power vest and dive into an underwater adventure in Wild Kratts®: Ocean Adventure! The Exhibit​​​​! Explore marine habitats, meet captivating creatures, and use creature powers to solve problems, help marine animals, and foil the villains’ nefarious plans! 

  • Miniaturize and crawl through an anemone
  • Roll up your sleeves and get to work at the shark-cleaning stations
  • Swim like a dragonfish in the depths of the sea
  • Hunt for lunch like a lobster
  • And more!
Based on the popular PBS Kids series, Wild Kratts®, this experience offers children and families hands-on explorations of animals, ocean habitats, and the relationships between them. Exploring science concepts significant to the lives of marine animals, guests can accept challenges designed to learn how they use their creature powers to survive. We challenge you to explore, make observations, and apply what you learn to complete creature missions and triumph over trouble!

Wild Kratts® © 2019 Kratt Brothers Company Ltd/ 9 Story Media Group Inc. Wild Kratts® and Creature Power® are owned by Kratt Brothers Company Ltd. Wild Kratts®: Ocean Adventure! produced by the Minnesota Children’s Museum and Kratt Brothers Company. Kratt Brothers do not appear in person during the exhibit run.

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