Come explore over 800,000 gallons of one of the best aquariums and live animal habitats in the country!

Check out our hundreds of hands-on exhibits, Owls Creek Path, and marshlands. Plus you won't want to miss our National Geographic 3D Theater. Of course, with a screen so tall and wide, the National Geographic 3D Theater would be impossible to miss!

Bay & Ocean Pavilion

From the rivers to the Chesapeake Bay and into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, this Journey of Water through Virginia introduces you to the many aquatic animals and plants that are native to the state. Observe loggerhead, Kemp's ridley, and green turtles in the Chesapeake Light Tower Aquarium. Watch in wonder as sharksstingrays and other ocean dwellers navigate Norfolk Canyon Aquarium. Learn about the science of oceanography through engaging, hands-on exhibits. Restless Planet, opened in 2009, features 6,000 animals including Komodo dragons, rare tomistoma crocodiles and more.

Between late September 2016 and early fall 2017, the Chesapeake Bay Aquarium will be closed for renovations. A smaller touch pool will be available during this time.

Marsh Pavilion

See river otters, seahorses, snakes and other marsh dwellers. Take a closer look at life in the "macro-marsh," where plants and animals are magnified up to ten times their normal size.

Owls Creek Path

Enjoy the scenery on this 10-minute walk that meanders through salt marsh and woodland preserve between the Aquarium's buildings. Climb the 30-foot observation tower to get a view of Owls Creek from tree-top level. During the summer, stop by activity carts stationed along the trail, where an educator will provide information on the plants and animals in and around Owls Creek.

A Hands-On Experience

Does a stingray really feel like wet bologna? What do a horseshoe crab's mouth and a toothbrush have in common? Find out for yourself at our two touch pools. Examine skulls, shells, shark jaws, and other artifacts at our Curiosity Carts. Try out some of our 300 interactive exhibits to learn more about marshes, the bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

National Geographic 3D Theater - Larger Than Life

Experience life on a larger scale in the Aquarium's own National Geographic 3D Theater. The film experience doesn't get any better than this! Images jump out into the seats off a screen that's big enough to show a life-sized whale. And our state-of-the-art sound system is so realistic, you'll be crouching in your seat for cover.

The Aquarium's National Geographic 3D Theater is open daily and showcases a variety of films ranging from educational pictures to major Hollywood releases. Click here for latest show times and more information.