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Sharks & Rays - Sandbar Shark

While guests are never disappointed when they can come eye to eye with a shark behind the safety of our Norfolk Canyon Aquarium glass, the Shark Exhibits area offers so much more than these powerful animals. There are amazing, awe-inspiring fish to discover hiding in a beautifully recreated shipwreck habitat. Be sure to take the time to learn something new in our Shark interactive exhibit and get hands-on in our Submersible.

With more than 400 known species of sharks on earth, their existence dates back about 420 million years. Humankind has always been afraid of sharks because of their predatory reputation. However, not all species of shark are threatening and dangerous.


Featured Animals - Norfolk Canyon Aquarium

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This species of shark prefers warm water and thrives in subtropical and temperate oceans, including the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.

Green Moray Eel
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Moray eels serve as top predators in the marine ecosystem and actually have few natural predators.

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Though commonly misidentified simply as a “pufferfish,” porcupinefish are unique and distinct from other fish species that can also inflate their bodies in defense.


Get hands-on with your learning through our interactive exhibits. Do you know what shark skin feels like? Come enjoy our educational and fun exhibits.

Shark Exhibit

Ever wonder what shark skin feels like? Want to see those iconic sharp teeth up close? Our shark exhibit is educational with hands-on fun.


Take your place in the driver's seat of our realistic submersible and try your hand at navigating underwater tools while getting a different view of the Norfolk Canyon Aquarium.