Up Close & Personal

Our staff can occasionally be found among the exhibits with one of our Animal Ambassadors, ready to give you an up-close encounter and to answer your questions!

Divers in Aquariums

Keep a careful lookout for our divers performing regularly scheduled maintenance in the largest aquariums. Chat with an Aquarium Educator nearby if you have any questions!

Gallery Programs

On occasion, Aquarium Educators conduct Q & A sessions at selected aquariums and exhibits.

Virtual Reality Pods

Enjoy our fully immersive simulators with stunning wrap-around sound and multi-directional movement. Settle in comfortably and experience beautiful and thrilling adventures and you will feel transported to many other worlds. Ages 5+ | $8 (Members $6)

Grab, Go, Show Bags

As you journey through the Aquarium, keep your eyes peeled for our Educators and their iconic messenger bags. They are hoping you will stop them and ask them what they have inside. They are ready for your inquisitive mind!

Watershed Warriors

Wednesday through Saturday | 10am-2pm | Nature Trail, Owls Creek Garden & Deck

Summers only. Explore Owls Creek with enthusiastic guides and become an eco-champion through interactive science activities.

Discovery Garden

Wednesdays | 9:00am - 12:00pm
Meet us on the Coastal Garden Deck for playtime fun focusing on nature and art activities geared towards early learners.
Included with Admission & FREE for Members! Weather-dependent.

Guest Quests

Get interactive and try these Guest Quests during your next Aquarium visit!
Click on the titles below to select your quest!

Search for these animals and determine if you think they are beautiful.

Can you find these animals in the Chesapeake Bay Aquarium?

Color My World

Guest Quest

See if you can spot these brightly colored animals during your visit!

Cool Coverings

Guest Quest

Fins, feathers, spines, and scales can protect these animals. Can you find examples?

Check out the Red Sea Tunnel and look for these incredible animals!

Get to know the Aquarium's resident sharks and their not-so-distant cousins, rays!

Shell Game

Guest Quest

Shells can protect even the largest animals. See if you can spot these shells!

Move With Me

Guest Quest

Learn what adaptations can be seen in the way other animals move.

Skeleton Crew

Guest Quest

See if you can find these animals with interesting bone and skeleton adaptations.

Boat Quests

Make your next boat tour unique and even more exciting with a Boat Quest. Click on the titles below to select your printable quest!

Know Your Nos

Boat Quest

Learn the rules of the ocean and find these signs during your tour.

Fishing birds? See if you can spot these feathered fishers during your boat tour.

Spot a Jelly

Boat Quest

They aren't always easy to spot, but see how many jellies you can find on your tour!