Frequently Asked Questions

It was determined that this modest fee, charged only during peak season between April 1 and October 31, could help offset the costs of maintaining our current parking lots and the lease payments to the State for the use of the property. Funds are collected by the City of Virginia Beach, which supports the Virginia Aquarium and City infrastructure.

If you have trouble using a meter, call the 24-hour Customer Service line at (423) 693-0389.
If you still need assistance, please come to the Aquarium Guest Services desk.

Contact regarding the ticket. Inform them of your license plate number, the date of your ticket, and that you were parked in a Virginia Aquarium lot (Zone 10036). If you think the ticket was an error, please contact Virginia Beach Parking Help at the same email address.

By becoming a Member of the Aquarium you can avoid parking tickets and potential fines in the future. FREE parking, year-round, is just one of the many rewards. You can learn more here:

No. The parking lot is for those visiting or working at the Virginia Aquarium, not for boat ramp overflow or other parking needs.

You may park in the lot when the Virginia Aquarium is open to the public, or if you are attending a special event after hours.

To request a refund, contact They will need to know the last four digits of the card used to pay, as well as whether you paid through the kiosk or paid online via the QR code or app.

Member-specific Parking Questions

License plates can be submitted by calling our Membership Department at 757-385-0279 or stopping by Guest Services on your next visit.

No special pass or decal will be needed for your vehicle - just park like normal and enjoy your visit! All license plates that have been submitted are entered into the parking database. License plates are scanned by City Parking Enforcement and it will let them know that you are a member of the Virginia Aquarium.

Members can enter up to two license plates on their account.

Please call our Membership Department at 757-385-0279, or send an email to to update your vehicle’s license plate information.

Free parking is a benefit for only the named Member(s). Guests of Members will have to pay for parking.

Please call our Membership Department at 757-385-0279, or send an email to to add the nanny’s license plate information.