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Our harbor seal habitat gives Hector, Rudder, Monty and Javier a place to splish, splash and show off for guests, but it does require routine upkeep to ensure it remains safe. So how's this renovation process going to go? Click the drop-downs below to find out!

Questions and Answers About Our Seal Exhibit

The seal exhibit opened to the public in 1996 and requires routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure the space remains safe for the seals.

We are replacing the caulk, grinding off and repainting the pool waterproofing, and polishing the acrylic.

The seals have moved to a temporary habitat behind the scenes. Keeping the seals on-site allows our mammal trainers, veterinarian, and vice president of animal care to maintain their daily routine and keep a close eye on them to ensure they are acclimating well.

The seals relocated to their temporary exhibit behind the scenes in late June and are slated to return before the end of the summer, once all work is complete.

Absolutely. Their safety is our priority, and we would not have allowed them to remain in the exhibit if there was any question about their safety or health.

The scope of work is very similar. This is an older system, so it requires frequent preventative maintenance.

We have conducted maintenance on the exhibit on several occasions – most recently in 2018 and 2012. We predict the need will resurface in 4-5 years based on the trends we’ve seen thus far.

Over time infrastructure begins to age, and the exhibit needs work and attention. We opted to get this work done to avoid doing the work during the coldest part of the year when weather is less predictable and the repairs would take longer to complete.

This will be a renovation of the existing exhibit, so the seals will be comfortable and familiar with the look and feel when they return. There will be no substantial changes to their exhibit, just maintenance.