Whether you choose a self-guided visit, an interactive boat trip, or one of our standards-based programs, we can help give your students an unforgettable experience.

See below for information regarding pricing, programs, and frequently asked questions.

School Admissio​n Rates

Aquarium Admission
Onsite Program

* Preschool and Kindergarten groups receive a 1:5 ratio of free chaperones. All others receive a 1:10 ratio of free chaperones.​

How to Make a Reservation

To make reservations for your class or school to visit the Aquarium, please contact:

Guest Services Office
(757) 385-FISH (3474)

For more information on program content, or for assistance in making the most of your school group visit, please contact:

Rachel Clark
School & Youth Program Specialist
(757) 385-0275

Self-Guided Activities

Download and print the Field Trip Guide to help lead students through the exhibit areas. ​

Field Trip Guide

Review a map of the Aquarium to prepare for your visit.

Download a Map of the Aquarium

Lunch Space Options

​An uncovered picnic area is available on the Aquarium grounds with advance reservation. Be sure to ask about it while making your reservation if you would like a space to eat during your trip. If the picnic area is not available, nearby Redwing Park has picnic shelters and playgrounds.

Onsite Programs

Our SOL-based on-site programs are easily added to your field trip. Use the links below for more information about the programs available for your grade level.

Program Details
  • 30-minute session
  • Up to 30 students per session
  • Features live animal, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and interactive discussions.
  • $12 Aquarium admission + $4 program fee/student

2021-2022 Programs

Science Discoveries (PreK & K)

Things that Slither and Slime
Discover the different ways animals slither, swim, and strut through activities and a story.

  • Foundation Block: 1, 3, and 5
  • Science SOLs: K.1, K.6, and K.7
  • English SOLs: K.1, K.2, and K.3

Turtle Talk
Learn all about turtles through stories, games, and hands-on experiences.

  • Foundation Block: 1, 3, and 5
  • Science SOLs: K.1, K.4, K.6, and K.7
  • English SOLs: K.1, K.2, and K.3

Live Animal Encounters (Grades PreK - 12)

Get up close and personal with some of our live animals while learning about a topic of your choice:

Life Cycles (PreK-2nd)
Act out the life cycles of a butterfly and frog, match animals and their eggs, and learn about how animals change as they grow.  Science SOLs: K.9, 2.4, 3.8

Habitats & Adaptations (3rd-8th)
Test your own adaptation skills, practice animal adaptations that help them survive in the wild, and adapt classmates to live in different habitats.  Science SOLs: 3.4, 3.5, 4.5, 5.6, 6.7, LS.9

Compare & Contrast Animal Groups (2nd-6th)
Explore the five classes of vertebrate animals – Fish, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, and Amphibians by examining real biofacts and meeting two animal ambassadors to compare. Science SOLs: 2.5, 3.6, 4.5, 5.6, 6.7

Training & Care (K-12th)
Learn about the many ways the Virginia Aquarium cares for its animal through training and enrichment. Explore the tools of the trade and learn how you can incorporate training and enrichment with your own pets.

Post-Class Boat Tour On Your Own Worksheets

3rd - 6th grade

7th - 12th grade

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