Want to view our animals in real time from your classroom (or from your home)? Connect with our trained educators to bring you up close with our exhibits and animals, all while learning something new and educational. Check out our paid virtual program options below. These programs are offered to both preschool/kindergarten and school-aged kids.

Set-Up Requirements

  • Desktop, laptop, or tablet computer
  • Webcam and microphone
  • Projector and speakers
  • Stable internet connection
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**Visit our Toddler Programs page for Virtual Programs for ages 2-3.**


  • 30 minute program
  • $80/program
  • One class or 30 students per session​
Turtle Tales
Explore sea turtles and identify how they move, get their food, protect themselves, and grow.

Shark Senses

Observe our shark exhibit and identify shark senses.

SCHOOL-AGED (grades K-12)

  • 50 minute program
  • $100/program
  • One class or 30 students per session​
​Sea Turtle Survivor (grades 1-12)
Explore our Light Tower Exhibit and identify the life stages of a sea turtle and what it takes to survive in the open ocean.

Shark Survivor (grades 1-12)
Observe our Norfolk Canyon Exhibit and identify the role sharks and rays play in the eco-system.

Fishes of the Chesapeake Bay (grades 2-12)
Dive into our Chesapeake Bay Aquarium to observe fish shapes and behavior. Learn how this dynamic ecosystem supports a variety of biodiversity.

Ocean Zones (grades 3-5)
Learn about the zones of life in the ocean, and the amazing adaptations of animals for surviving in the deep, dark sea.

Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters: Life Cycles (K-2nd)
Act out the life cycles of a butterfly and frog, match animals and their eggs, and learn
about how animals change as they grow.

Animal Encounters: Compare Animal Groups (2nd-6th)
Explore the five classes of vertebrate animals – Fish, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, and
Amphibians by examining real biofacts and observing animals.

Animal Encounters: Habitats & Adaptations (3rd-5th)
Test your own adaptation skills, identify animal adaptations for protection, locomotion,
and finding food, and adapt yourself to live in different habitats.

Animal Encounters: Training & Enrichment (3rd-12th)
Learn about the many ways the Virginia Aquarium cares for its animal through training
and enrichment. Explore the tools of the trade and learn how you can incorporate
training and enrichment with your own pets.

Virtual Behind the Scenes (6-12)

Follow along with an Aquarium educator on a 30-minute (pre-recorded) behind the scenes look at our exhibits. Afterward, attend a 30-minute live session with an educator where participants can ask questions on a variety of topics including STEM careers, training and enrichment, conservation, and water quality. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about the various areas of work and interest within the world of marine sciences.

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