Oyster Reef

Oysters provide a valuable resource to the marine environment. They improve the water quality and serve as a protective habitat for juvenile fish and other animals.

Over the spring and summer of 2015, a new oyster reef was created at the Aquarium and stocked with over 18,000 juvenile oysters raised by Old Donation Center School, Princess Anne Middle School, and New Castle Elementary School. This oyster reef includes:

  • An intertidal section with 30 ft of natural oyster shell and 30 ft of oyster castles, separated by 30 ft of undisturbed mud flat
  • A large subtidal section of natural shell bounded by a fringing reef of mounded shells

You can see our oyster reef, which also serves as a unique educational experience, from the scenic overlook on Owls Creek. Special thanks to the Rudee Inlet Foundation for funding the oyster reef project, and to Lynnhaven River Now and The Crystal Club for their help and support with design and installation.