Inspiring conservation through education, research and sustainable practices is the primary goal of the Aquarium and its Research & Conservation Division.  We develop and provide support for regional, national, and international projects that reflect the Aquarium's conservation mission and global animal collections.  These projects contribute directly to the conservation of wild animals and wild places.

Exemplified by our award-winning marine animal Stranding Response Program, we conduct field research that impacts the lives of sea turtles and marine mammals in the mid-Atlantic region.  Ongoing research projects and conservation programs also help protect vulnerable habitats and animal species such as sharks, seahorses, turtles, crocodiles, osprey and corals.

Through the implementation and promotion of sustainable practices such as recycling, composting and green-sourcing of consumable materials, the Aquarium demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable world and encourages responsible stewardship actions from our staff, visitors, and the community.  This commitment is exemplified by our Sensible Seafood program which promotes seafood choices that make sense for a healthy marine environment.