South Building Update

​Exciting developments continue to move our new South Building closer to completion, and while we do not have an official opening date on our calendar, we wanted to whet your appetite a bit with a sneak peek at what has been happening behind the scenes. If you are new to the Aquarium be sure to check out some of our older blog posts (linked below) where we highlighted some of the specific exhibit experiences that you can expect to enjoy.

The construction is full speed ahead, and the end is in sight. The drywall is going up and an Aquarium pathway is emerging. Exhibit set-up is underway, and all of the new learning areas are beginning to take shape. An impressive water tower has taken its place in Our Watershed Exhibit and the new amphitheater is nearing completion.

While construction continues on the building, grounds, and exhibits, Aquarium staff are working hard behind the scenes to master the care for all the exciting new animals like an incredible octopus and chocolate chip sea stars, along with some old favorites eagerly awaiting their re-entrance, the river otters.

This amazing new addition to the Aquarium will also allow guests to catch a glimpse of the important work occurring in our all-new Vet Center and discover what it takes to provide exceptional veterinary care to marine animals of all kinds.

From so many amazing, new hands-on learning exhibits to opportunities to understand a bit about maintaining water quality and conducting conservation projects in a public aquarium, the all-new South Building will be incredible.

  • Undersea Superpowers Gallery

(Made possible by the generous support of Joan and Macon Brock)
Visitors are sure to be amazed as they learn about the true superheroes found in the marine world.

  • Our Watershed

(Made possible by the generous support of Jane P. Batten)
We hope that this area will inspire children and adults alike to discover the wonders of water and better understand the impact we have on waterways Through hands-on fun learning opportunities.

  • Jellies Gallery

(Made possible by the generous support of The Dreyfus Family)
A brand-new exhibit showcasing local species and those from other oceans, including moon jellies, lion's mane jellies, and even upside-down jellies!

Stay Tuned!

We are just as anxious as you are to see all of the new and exciting changes with the South Building. Keep connected on social media and to our website for the latest.