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There is a slight bite in the air as people scurry a bit faster from place to place. Twinkle lights shimmer throughout the neighborhoods and yards are filling with inflatable festive décor. Our TVs bombard us with Hallmark™ movies and jewelry commercials. That's right. ‘Tis the season.

This time of year brings changes for many of us. It makes Family just a little bit more important. It flushes diets down the drain. And it tends to make each of our hearts grow about three sizes bigger, sparking to life that giving spirit within us that often lies dormant throughout the year. Can we tap into that spirit for just a moment?

As you make your lists and check them twice, of course, we want to support your holiday mission. For many of us, the prices of things are a bit higher, and maybe your wallet is a bit thinner this year. But consider this: if you could give two gifts or more for the price of one, would this appeal to you? We could consider each gift we purchase not only a gift for a loved one but also a gift to the world or to a future generation. Our impact could be amazing!

That’s why we invite you to shop with us at the Aquarium Store this holiday season. Our Store is not just for souvenirs – it’s a one-stop-shop for amazing gift ideas that also give back.

Please take some time this season to come visit the Aquarium Store. Our friendly staff are available to help you find that perfect gift that can double as two.

If you aren't able to come to the store during regular business hours, consider joining us for one of our special Holi-Rays events this month. The Aquarium Store will be open!

Here are a few items to consider.


Homegoods gifts

When looking for a gift that anyone can use, consider our eco-friendly home goods. Who wouldn’t love sipping their morning beverage from a beautiful artisanal mug, or one featuring eclectic Italian designs? We also offer a wide range of reusable straws in your choice of wood or metal. Why not gift a set of dining utensils made from sustainable and highly durable bamboo? Each of these items will communicate to your loved one the value you place not just on them, but on the future of the natural world as well.


100 percent plastic gifts

We have a wide selection of eco-friendly toys that offer a fun way to start that important discussion of conservation with your kids. Many of our toys are constructed from 100% recycled plastics. Whether you select a set of Green Toy sandcastle tools for the summer or an EcoKin™ plush toy to cuddle through the winter, you will be supporting the diversion of plastics away from landfills, saving energy, and decreasing your carbon footprint. (Green Toy Company products are made with 100% recycled plastic, shipped in 100% recycled packaging materials, and created 100% right here in the USA.)


Book Gifts

Keep the conservation conversation active with a book gift. We have a wonderful collection of literature for both adults and young learners alike. Come peruse our selections of books on important environmental topics like climate change and the environmental impact of plastics. Parents can take advantage of those teachable moments with children’s stories that will both delight and inform.


Soap Gifts

Are you looking for a consumable gift that doesn’t end up on a shelf or in a toy bin? Check out our collection of hand-made soaps that are beautiful, smell amazing, AND are environmentally safe. We have products from the locally-owned Flutterby Soap Company that are palm oil-free and vegan, made from top quality oils, butters, phthalate free fragrance oils, and essential oils to pamper your skin. We also carry kid-friendly Kelly Lake Forest products (by Soapy Gnome™), perfect for nature lovers, vegan, palm oil-free, and GMO-free, and 10% of this company’s profits goes to wildlife and ecosystem conservation.


Comfy socks Gift

Finally, if you want to give a gift of soothing comfort that doubles its giving value, we’ve got you. Again, this year Conscious Step® socks makes our list of best gifts. In these socks you can step out in confidence knowing you are supporting important efforts to protect the planet AND the lives of each person in the production line. Made from responsibly sustainable organic cotton by the skilled hands of empowered workers in safe and fair working conditions, Conscious Step® socks are the socks that give back.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Aquarium Store and hope you find that perfect gift. From all of us at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center we want to wish you a very joyous holiday season and happy new year!