South Building Update: Undersea Super Powers Gallery

South Building Update: Undersea Super Powers Gallery

​Have you ever dreamed of having a super power? Which one would you choose? Flying? Invisibility? Super speed? In the marine world, some animals truly possess remarkable abilities! (You might even call them super powers!) 

With the highly anticipated opening of our new South Building, and through the generosity of Joan and Macon Brock, guests will be amazed by the incredible abilities of the animals in our new Undersea Super Powers Gallery. Be awed by the shapeshifting abilities of cuttlefish and learn how they can change color and texture.  Watch flame scallops appear to produce electricity and mantis shrimps who can deliver a punch worthy of a comic book hero.   Learn how these super heroes of the sea use their gifts to help keep a healthy balance in their ecosystem, ward off predators, obtain food, or seek out a mate.  

One of the most incredible animals will be the giant Pacific octopus, made possible by John and Joyce Fain and The Fain Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.  With its intelligence, super-strength, and ability to become invisible, the giant Pacific octopus will be one not to miss! 

But wait, there's more!

Be sure to check out our Venomous Villains exhibit, made possible by Bank of America.  Test your own super powers with educational and fun interactive experiences.  You will even be able to touch animals that survive and thrive in powerful ocean waves at our Surge and Touch Pool, made possible by Marguerite Dickerson in memory of Courtney Beth Dickerson.​

While construction continues on this new and exciting exhibit, Aquarium staff are working hard behind the scenes to master the care for these exciting new animals.  We can't wait for you to see these amazing, incredible, super-powered animals when the South Building reopens!​