South Building Update: Jellies Gallery

South Building Update: Jellies Gallery

​While many ocean animals have a beautiful way of gliding through the water, none are quite as mesmerizing and graceful as the jellies. We cannot wait for the opening of the new South Building because we will also be unveiling our brand new Jellies Gallery, made possible by The Dreyfus Family Foundation. This exhibit will showcase local species and those from other oceans, including moon jellies, lion's mane jellies, and upside down jellies.

Here are some Jelly opportunities you can anticipate:

  • Be spellbound while viewing the underwater world of our largest jelly aquarium, which will be 16 feet long! You might see beautiful Pacific or striped sea nettles.

  • Learn about the fascinating jelly life-cycle, from ephyra to medusa. We will have moon jellies at all life stages. Through generous support of the PRA Group, guests will even be able to get hands-on with the adult moon jellies at a moon jelly touch pool!

  • Recognize why sea turtles and other marine animals might eat plastic bags. Our Marine Debris Exhibit, supported by Craig and Susan Grube, will highlight the similarities in appearance between jellies and plastic bags using two adjacent aquariums, one with live jellies and one with plastic bags.

  • New jelly species will be rotated into the gallery every few months in the Featured Jelly Exhibit made possible by Cheryl McLeskey and the McLeskey Family Foundation, where we will highlight species from all over the world. Come back often to learn about new animals on display.

  • On display now in the Main Building in the propagation lab near the current jelly exhibits, you might have seen that our aquarists are hard at work practicing and perfecting jelly breeding techniques. But, what is going on behind the scenes is truly exciting and is preparing us to display more jellies than we ever have before!

Our new South Building is certainly something to get excited about and the Jelly Gallery is just one of the many reasons! We look forward to seeing you at our brand new Jellies Gallery in 2021!