An update on Peter, our 32 year old harbor seal

An update on Peter, our 32 year old harbor seal

If you have been to the Aquarium recently, you may have noticed that only three of our four harbor seals are in the main exhibit area. That's because Peter, our 32 year old harbor seal, is showing some signs of his age, including a decrease in appetite.

While our team has been actively caring for Peter, we have observed signs that his quality of life is declining. Peter fought through an acute illness recently, but he has continued to lose weight, and his appetite level has not rebounded consistently.

Sadly, these signs are consistent with a change in kidney function and indicate that his time with us is most likely limited.

Our mammal team and our veterinary care team are consummate professionals and are doing a wonderful job keeping Peter comfortable, and are continuing to monitor any changes in his health. 

We will keep everyone updated as we continue down this road, but any good thoughts and positive vibes are appreciated, especially for Peter's animal care team and all of our wonderful staff and volunteers.