Plastic Free July Challenge

Plastic Free July Challenge

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is committed to inspiring conservation in our local community and around the globe, and our staff recently participated in the Plastic Free July challenge.​

Together with zoos and aquariums from across the United States and Canada, the Virginia Aquarium staff vowed to give up single use plastics throughout the month of July! The challenge allowed participants to choose from a wide variety of activities aimed at encouraging participants to think twice when presented with the use of single use plastics and to be sustainability activists in their communities.

Challenge activities could include food related options, such as skipping straws, composting, or planting a garden; personal care related items, such as making your own toothpaste and makeup or replacing disposable razors; community outreach such as volunteering, signing a petition, or hosting a green party; and lifestyle options such as buying clothes made only with natural materials or lining trashcans with paper instead of plastic bags.

Not only did the aquarium's 80 team members learn a lot about sustainability and conservation efforts, but made a positive change through our work! Check out our total team impact below! 

While it is obvious that several of the practices from Plastic Free July made an immediate change, the month also had the less obvious impact of inspiring us all to continue to do better every day. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center will continue to learn and grow in sustainability and conservation and carry lessons from the Plastic Free July EcoChallenge forward, and we would like to encourage any of our guests and members who feel similarly inspired to do the same! Check out the Plastic Free July website for ideas about what you can do at home, at work, and on the go to reduce your impact on the environment and help us as we continue on this journey to adopt sustainable habits and make conscientious decisions in all aspects of our daily lives.