April 22, 2019  4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Location: Virginia Aquarium

Cost: $100 per child; $22.95 per member adult, $32.95 per non-member adult

Contact: Virginia Aquarium

Phone: (757) 385-FISH (3474)

***This event has sold out.***

Mermaid Balee’s Bubblee Boutique will immerse your 4 to 10 year old child in the world of mermaids with a unique salon treatment fit for the sea! Guests will receive the full mermaid make over-hair, nails, and face make up, while enjoying snacks fit for a mermaid and participating in mer-activities. Then, to top it off, they will be treated to extraordinary viewing of the mermaids inside the Red Sea Tunnel.

Adult must accompany child for this event. 

Child tickets available here: https://tickets.virginiaaquarium.com/shows/mermaid%20balee's%20bubblee%20boutique/events 

Adult ticket available here: https://tickets.virginiaaquarium.com/shows/mermaid%20balee's%20bubblee%20boutique%20adult%20admission/events​​ 

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