Programs for Children Ages 4-6

Join us on select Thursdays for activities, crafts, and games that help early learners understand science and nature. Pre-registration and program fee required to participate.

All Things Amphibian

Thursday, April 16 | Marsh Pavilion
Did you know that amphibians like frogs can breathe through their skin? Learn all about these animals that spend part of their life in the water and part on land.

Marvelous Moms

Thursday, May 7 | Marsh Pavilion
Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Learn about some exceptional mommies of the animal kingdom and make a Mother’s Day craft for your mom.

For the Birds

Thursday, May 21 | Marsh Pavilion
Meet our resident owl and learn about some of Virginia’s other birds including egrets, herons, and much more.


Thursday, June 4 | Bay & Ocean Pavilion
Sharks are amazing animals remaining virtually unchanged since the age of dinosaurs. Come and learn all about sharks and the characteristics that kept them at the top of the food chain for so long.

Life on a Piling

Thursday, July 2 | Bay & Ocean Pavilion
Take part in a hand-on exploration with a collection of creatures taken from around the underwater pilings of the Virginia Aquarium.

Around the World

Thursday, August 6 | Bay & Ocean Pavilion
Join us on a plane ride as we travel around the world visiting different habitats. These habitats represent what Virginia used to look like many years ago.

Hungry, Hungry Predators

Thursday, September 3 | Marsh Pavilion
Ever wonder who’s eating who for dinner? Discover what it means to be part of a food web.

Hide and Seek. Can’t Find Me!

Thursday, September 17 | Marsh Pavilion
Are you good at playing hide and seek? Come learn about a few animals that could teach you a thing or two about hiding and camouflage.

Yuck That’s Gross

Thursday, October 1 | Marsh Pavilion
Join us as we turn “eww, that’s gross” into “wow, that’s cool”. We’ll learn about animals like dung beetles, slimy snails, and sea cucumbers which can throw-up their own stomach.

Creatures of the Night

Thursday, October 15 | Marsh Pavilion
Nocturnal animals have special adaptations that allow them to be active at night. Learn all about these adaptations and meet some of the Aquarium's nocturnal ambassadors.

Colors of Fall

Thursday, November 5 | Marsh Pavilion
Tree leaves are starting to turn orange, red, and yellow.  I wonder how they do that and what other things have changed for fall.  Join us as we learn how fall weather changes things.

Native American Know How

Thursday, November 19 | Marsh Pavilion
What would you do without a grocery store, television, telephones, or cars? Native Americans lived a very different lifestyle than we do. Join us as we learn to live like Native Americans for a day.

Let it Snow

Thursday, December 3 | Marsh Pavilion
Snow inside? How is that possible? Join us as learn about snow and the animals that hibernate under it while we make a little “indoor” snow.

Beach Day

Thursday, December 17 | Marsh Pavilion
Do you miss the beach and summer as much as we do? Join us as we bring the beach inside for some fun-filled sandy fun.

Registration Information

Fee: $7 members, $10 non-members
Time: selected Thursdays, 2-3:15 p.m.

  • Pre-registration is strongly recommended. We cannot guarantee that “walk ups” can be accommodated.
  • Programs are subject to cancellation if a minimum number of participants have not enrolled two days prior to the program date.

All programs take place in the Marsh Pavilion unless otherwise noted.

For more information or to register, contact:

 (757) 385-0278