Sensible SeafoodThe Sensible Seafood™ Program promotes ocean-friendly seafood. Sensible seafood comes from local and sustainable sources that are not over-fished or harvested in environmentally destructive ways. Our Sensible Seafood™ pocket guide helps consumers make sustainable seafood choices while our growing list of partner restaurants and seafood businesses strive to offer sensible seafood options. Working together we can ensure that today's sensible choices will be available on tomorrow's seafood menus.

What is Sensible Seafood™?

Seafood is delicious, healthy and fast disappearing from our oceans. America's insatiable appetite for a limited number of menu items like cod, salmon, tuna, and shrimp has contributed to the decimation of these fisheries, damaged marine habitats, and fueled destructive seafood farming practices in foreign countries. With an estimated 90% of the world's big fish gone from this planet and 70% of the world's fisheries stretched to their limits, it is time to make more sensible seafood choices. Find out more.

Ways to Help

I’m SMART Art Contest
(Saving Marine Animals by Repurposing Trash)

Trash too often finds its way into our oceans, endangering the marine animals who mistake that trash for food. The Sensible Seafood Program™ and Whole Foods Market invite students in Kindergarten through 12th grade to start SMART and use clean, recycled materials to create a work of art.

Overall People’s Choice Winner:

The Thrown Away Fish
by Susan Owens’
Renaissance Academy High School students

Age Category Winners:

Marine Animal Rescue Center
by Alex Villasis

by Matthew “Teo” Blanchard

Paper Mache Shark
by Parker Bagwell

Otis the Trash talking Octopus
by Seatack Elementary
An Achievable Dream Academy's Go Green Club, Art Club, and Little Sprouts Club

Blooming Oceans
by Kayleigh Willis

Buy Local

It may be surprising to learn that 90% of seafood presently consumed in the United States is imported, half of which is farmed in countries that have far fewer environmental regulations than ours. U.S. fishermen, however, provide some of the safest and environmentally friendly seafood in the world. Choosing locally caught or Virginia-raised seafood not only ensures freshness, but supports our economy. Oysters, clams, croaker, mackerel, striped bass, summer flounder, wild-caught shrimp, and in-season blue crab are some of Virginia's best seafood choices. Find out more.

Carry a Sensible Seafood™ Pocket Guide

Our Sensible Seafood™ Pocket Guide helps consumers to make ocean-friendly seafood choices. For example, local oysters and striped bass are listed as "Best Choices," while Chilean seabass and orange roughy are dishes to "Avoid." Use the guide when making choices in stores or when dining out. Get the Guide.

Support Our Sensible Seafood™ Partners

Another way to make ocean-friendly choices is to support our Sensible Seafood™ restaurant and business partners. These partners agree to promote seafood listed as either a "Best Choice" or "Good Alternative" on our Sensible Seafood™ Pocket Guide with a focus on local products. Partners also provide information on Sensible Seafood™ to their staff and patrons. The Sensible Seafood™ Program has been endorsed by the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association. Check out our Partner List.

Enjoy Our Annual Sensible Seafood™ Fest

The aquarium invites friends and foodies to this annual festival in May to sample foods from Sensible Seafood™ restaurant partners, attend cooking demonstrations by award-winning chefs, and learn about regional efforts focused on restoration, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. Attend the Fest.

Learn More to Make a Difference

Find out more about Sensible Seafood™, sustainable fisheries, and the future of our oceans. Check out our tips for recreational and sports fisheries. Find out more.

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