The Aquarium inspires conservation through education, research, and sustainable practice. Our conservation projects reflect the diversity of our animal collection and contribute to the protection of wild animals and their habitats around the world.

At the Aquarium

With the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and other local environmental agencies, the Aquarium works to conserve our local and global coastal habitats. Our dedicated staff members reach out to provide training and assistance for local and global research and conservation initiatives. You can also help ups make a difference by recognizing and reporting frog calls for FrogWatch USA or building a Trash Talking Turtle.

Stranding Response Program

The Aquarium's award-winning Stranding Response Team, led by a trained group of staff and volunteers, respond to stranded marine mammals and sea turtles on Virginia's coast and beyond. In addition to rescuing and rehabilitating sick or injured animals, the team also collects data on dead animals to learn more about the problems marine life faces and how to help solve those problems.

If you see a stranded animal, alive or dead, report it to the Stranding Response Team immediately by calling  (757) 385-7575 or visit Report a Stranding for more information.

Sensible Seafood Program

The Sensible Seafood Program promotes seafood choices that make sense for a healthy marine environment. With many fish species fast disappearing from the world's oceans, the Sensible Seafood Program empowers consumers to choose sustainable seafood whether at the market counter or in a restaurant with our Pocket Guide. With resources and events like the Annual Sensible Seafood Fest, the Sensible Seafood Program proves that it's easy (and fun) to keep our bodies and our oceans healthy.